After project…


After recording the group project, we take a picture.

For three weeks, our team members try their best to make final video.

To myself,  it is the first time that acting or recording.

Doing recording and editing work, I learned how to make video to the special way that I want.

It was great experience. I will remember these works and feelings.

Original work

<source : SNL Korea>

This is the original work of our group project.

In this video, person named Jung Byung Hee takes roll that did all the work and killed other people at last.

Watching his acting, I thought that I should concentrate on expressing unfair, anger and delight for killing other people.

However I know my character, very shy, so frankly I am not confident.

Making storyboard




Our team decided to parody video named ‘cruel history of group project’.

It shows how hard group project is by using exaggerated acting and humor.

In this story, I take charge of roll that be upset to teammates and kill them.

I thought it was really hard work to me because it is very hard to express anger and anguish.

However, it is main roll of the story. Therefore I thought that I should do my best acting in my life.